Physiotherapy Centre

Our services

Leeton Physiotherapy Centre provides a wide range of physiotherapy services including:



- Manual therapy (hands on treatment of joints and soft tissue)


- Sports injury management


- Exercise prescription (individual or group based)


- Management of orthopaedic conditions including fractures and surgery


- Women's health physiotherapy


- Cardiopulmonary physiotherapy


- Hand therapy (including splinting)


- Neurological rehabilitation following stroke, head injury or nerve injury


- Aged care services


- OHS consultancy


- Fibreglass casting


- Dry needling


- Clinical pilates


- Pre and Post natal services


- Paediatric physiotherapy


- NDIS registered provider



Therapists at Leeton Physiotherapy Centre are formally trained professionals with an extensive knowledge of anatomy, physiology and biomechanics. They can use their expertise to assess and treat movement disorders, including acute injury, pain, stiffness, weakness and decreased coordination.


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